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Bathroom Aesthetics | Gold Sand Series


In recent years, the light luxury style, increasingly beloved, finds aperfect match in gold, a color emblematic of opulence. It lends a noble,luxurious atmosphere to spaces.

Innoci's Gold Sand series, transcending conventional gold impressions, utilizes a brushed surfacetechnique for a finish that's smooth, radiant, and gleaming, with meticulousattention to detail, offering a sophisticated, delicate, high-quality visualenjoyment.

In humid bathroomenvironments, the Gold Sand series' materials exhibit notable corrosionresistance, effectively withstanding moisture and dirt, thus preserving theiras-new appearance.Moreover, these materials are designed to resistscratches, maintaining their smoothness and sheen through regular use.

Faucets, as vitalwater conduits, prioritize health and environmental safety. This series employsbrass casting with minimal lead (PB) content below the national standard of1.8%, safeguarding against environmental and health hazards. The incorporationof superior bubblers enriches the water flow with bubbles, conserving water andadhering to modern eco-friendly principles.

In the realm ofspatial design, the popularity of the Gold Sand color primarily arises from itstrending status in color fashion, strong applicability, excellent texture anddetail handling, and versatile compatibility. Itharmoniously complements various decor styles, including modern, minimalist,and European, catering to a wide range of aesthetic tastes.

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