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Maintenance of shower room


1、Please do not to let the child、the old and the mobility enter the shower room alone.

2、Please do not climb the shower room or hang weight on it.

3、Please do not use hard objects to rub or knock on the shower room, in case of damage.

4、Please do avoid glowing cigarette get close or its ash falling on shower basin of real estate, in case of fire or damage of goods.

5、Please note that the fall of on any account when entering the shower room, so as to avoid being tripped.

6、Please do not put hand (s) into the crack of the door when entering the shower room, , so as to avoid injury.

7、Please be careful to prevent slippery cause by the usual soap water in Shower room.

8、shower room should be kept well ventilated to avoid moisture long stay in the shower room, which cause mould and produce peculiar smell.

9、When cleaning, please use neutral liquid detergent and soft cloth scrub, do not use acid, strong alkali cleaner water alcohol acetone aqua ammonia that day and other organic solvent and strong detergent more is strictly prohibited.

10、scale occurred on the bottom basin can be eliminlated by soft cloth with a little toothpaste erasure.

11、After glass sealant loss, can lead to leakage so, once off, please be sure to catch up on again

12、Please keep the chassis clean, in order to avoid such as hair debris blocked drain 

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